What is an art committed life like?

So, the truth is you will have to deal with real, pressing and persistent challenges that arise as a consequence of you following your dream – having an art filled, creative life.

Let see some of the challenges -

Getting it right – The need to produce something pleasant in whatever you choose to do which requires you to practise endlessly.

Getting it right in public – Putting yourself in the line in front of audiences, where everything about you and your ‘playing’ can and will be scrutinized.

Having sufficient talent – Whenever the world talent means for you, it is a concept that will never be far from your mind and that will likely plague you

Accessing internal resources – Many people remain walled off from their feelings and operate in  a superficial, matter-of-fact, literal way, causes them to ‘play’ mechanically, without richness or depth.

Having some success and feeling successful – You will need the right opportunities to do your thing, opportunities where you are considered ‘top’.

creativity for life

Dealing with repertoire – wether you love pieces or not you will need to ‘play’ them. Have enough pieces to show for.

competingg – Its Darwinian survival-of-the-fittest logic. This world inevitably involves you in auditions. comparisons, interpersonal dynamics, every aspect of competition, you must either successfully compete or fall by the wayside.

Relinquishing control - By tieing your rope to a certain art wagon you relinquish control in many ways and allow yourself to be led by some dependency (on fellow musicians, the orchestra, the theatre group etc) and accept restrictions that comes with your choice of art from.

Dealing with people like yourself - By your choice (of becoming an artist/musician/writer/photographer, etc) you have set yourself up to dealing with people like you, people who are ambitious, driven, competitive, sensitive , complex, eccentric, moody, self-absorbed, histrionic and grandiose.

source –  PhD

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