New momentum with Passion

Today I figured out what I am truly passionate about. Strangely enough it has not much to do with the definitions below… nevertheless I found myself in a pretty heated conversation about the Truth. Obviously there is not One truth, but as many as we are, still I found that my thread of thoughts were revolving around honesty towards oneself (and preferably others) and being True to oneself. I noticed while in conversation that my heart started racing – I was talking calmly, but inside I felt heated as I was mentioning what I treasure so much about people around me – and that is their Honesty and Truthfulness to what they represent, what they believe in – how inspiring I find one’s courage in standing in his/her own Truth regardless of what others may say and still being accepting towards others’. I am definitely passionate about this! I am so happy I’ve found something I am passionate about. :)

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2 comments on “New momentum with Passion

  1. Sarkadi Kriszta on said:

    Éljen, éljen! Ismerem az ürességet, amit a szenvedély (lelkesedés?)-nélküliség okoz. És ismerem az örömét, amikor mégiscsak felbukkan valami …



    • creare8una8vita on said:

      KÖSZI! igen, azt hiszem korábban nem jó helyen keresgéltem, azt hittem valaki iránt kéne passioantenek lenni. de ez sokkal jobb… egész iránymutató! :) ) köszönöm hogy ‘beszélgetsz’ velem. Puszi

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