Where am I at?

So, the past weeks have been a disaster, as you may have noticed from the previous not, regarding creativity. I act like a working machine, simply for money, since there is not much joy left in working 13-hour days. Basically I would like what I do if I could do it with more passion. But passion died when it turned out that my work is mostly pointless and when I noticed that the attitude of others started have a ‘bad’ influence on mine. I wish it didn’t but ‘I got mixed in the corp and I got eaten by the pigs’. Nevertheless, this work has not much creativity element to it, since it is completely well-defined process based. Which is the death of creativity! One good thing about this work is the library. I found amazing new books on creativity (how weird that is!) there that I will share with you soon. Stay in touch!  Hugs, :)

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