An art-committed life – requirements 2

Creativity and talent

“To feel good about yourself as an artist, you need to manifest your creativity and make appropriate use of your talents.”

“It would be vain to try to put into words that immeasurable sense of bliss which comes over me directly (when) a new idea awakens in me and begins to assume a definite from. I forget everything and behave like a madman.” P.I. Tchaikovsky

“Creativity, he felt, arose out of the artist’s unconscious need to rid himself of mental tension” Lawrence Hatterer Freudian psychiatrist

“… people are artistically creative when they love what they are doing, know what they are doing, and actively engage in art-making. The three elements of creativity thus love, knowing and doing, (in other words) great faith, great question, and great courage.”

“Artists, in order to be creative, are challenged to love enough, to know enough, and to do enough, and these tasks are as real and challenging as any human endeavour can be.”

“Loving – Love is the spirit that motivates the artist’s journey.
What is it that artists love? … the sheer power of whichever medium has attracted her.”

What do I love about drawing and painting? I love the feeling of my hand all dirty with coloured dust touches the surface of the crusts of the paper, creating some forms upon it. I love the feeling that the sight of my new creation has upon me … some warmth runs over me, I feel warmth towards my little creations. Making music is some different feeling … when I even here music, my body starts swinging with the rhythm, and when I start singing … all goes blur …I feel the song running in my veins filling me up with a sensations of aliveness and passion. I am feeling one with the beat, the music, the lyrics … I feel alive.

“… a love of the great masters, … a love of his ability to express human potential.”

Who are my greatest inspirations?
Numberless. I don’t have a favourite painter … nevertheless I love van Gogh. I love the way he fought for his talent and passion for painting coming alive and taking shape.  I also love Dali’s genius, the ease with which he threw his mind and soul onto the canvas. I love Picasso’s craze and unique way of looking at & seeing the world.
I have numerous favourites around music and singing. It is difficult to name there are so many, so to mention a few. I love Barbra Streisand’s steady persuasiveness at creating high quality music and I love her quality of voice. I also love Susan Boyle’s crazy courage to go for her dream, no matter what others may say. … The truth is that I don’t have an inspiration … someone I would call my great master when it comes to music or singing… hm… I feel the need to find one. I will have a look… But, I do have many writers as inspirations like B. Hrabal, T. Capote, K. Vonnegut, W. Shakespeare, J.K. Rowling, P. Cuelho … I find them all inspiring because they all invented a new style, not just their own style or themes but a new style, they were the first, they all created something unique … they all did what it took to be the first in their new field of writing.

“The artist therefore inflates the painting, the book, the piece of music in question because it has moved him. He calls it great because it has struck a great chord in him. “

Source for quotes – Creativity for Life by Eric Maisel. PhD

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