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“The young artist gobbles up everything she can in her medium because she has a need to know. … Throughout her life as well, the artist is driven to know enough, to take in everything she needs to take in , even if, in the language of Zen, she must forget must of what she knows in order to work.  … They create the version of the piece they will play even as they peel potatoes for dinner. This on going inner learning and knowing are not different for the creative artist or for the re-creative artist, such as a musician or actor.”

As I was writing these lines to share with you, I was wondering how crazy I get when I am learning a song. I listen to at least 10 different versions of the song and start, practically, sing it everywhere I can, with not much respect for my surroundings. (sorry). With my art work I am a bit different. I copy. In a way. I see something and the feeling, that image/picture creates in me, makes me bring about (attempt to) a similar image that carries and shows that feeling I had earlier. It is like singing the same song in a different way.

“This is a knowing based on immersion.  .. as he or she is deeply creative, is deeply immersed.”

”Inspiration it is well recognized, rarely comes unless an individual has immersed himself in the subject. He must have a rich background of knowledge and experience in it.” E.W. Sinnott – psychologist

Very well – let’s have some knowledge and experience… I just wonder when I am gonna sleep and eat… surely cannot be a big problem…

“I have learnt that what I have not drawn I have never really seen.” Frederick Franck – visual artist

“… The quest for the unattainable drives all artist. It has noting to do with what others say about your work. Sometimes you get a glimmer, you feel you’ve really touched something. Then the next day you look at it and wonder what it was you saw.”  Alberto Giacometti – sculptor

I can so relate to this one. I draw something and I am shocked how talented I am then the next morning I look at it and I just simply don’t see what I made so much fuss about the previous day. Never good enough, ha?

“Knowing is not a cold and mechanical holding of a universe of facts, a strictly left-brain enterprise. Rather, it involves intuitions as well as ideas, feelings as well as beliefs.”

I am truly happy to read this. For the longest time I tried to learn things, remembering it, recalling it and quoting it – so to make it clear how educated I am – until I gave up one day, because it simply didn’t work. And it was then when I noticed that all that I read and experience melts into something inside of me and I can sort of intuitively bring it out when occasion calls for it. I remember when I need it and use it, otherwise knowledge is pending somewhere in the back of my head!



“A person is not an artist until he works at his art, …” “ We realize that often we are not able to translate our vision into  splendid art. Even the finest artists write books that are not great, paint pictures at hat are not great, compose pieces that are not great, give performances that are not great, involve themselves in projects that are not great. But the artist can only try – and she must.”

How Relieving! What now, though? I am afraid of making shitty stuff… I still make them, but simply don’t show them to anybody. So I have a pile of painting lying on my living room floor and at least 20 songs sung to the bathroom walls. … What now?

“Now, when I start something, I expect to a carry it off.” June Wayne –visual artist

Source for quotes – Creativity for Life by Eric Maisel. PhD

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