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“Is Creativity tied to Personality Type or Can it be Learned?”

I think Creativity isn’t something we learn. We just have it innately. We are born with it. Nevertheless it is something that we need to care for and nurture. Not as if it does if we don’t water it but fades and dims, I think.

It don’t really thing that it is a type of person who is creative but I believe there is a type of person who is most willing to use his/her creativity for creating. This is the kind who sees possible improvements everywhere she/he turns or the opportunity to fill a gap of missing something, who notices the crack on the virtual wall of reality, something that is not there just yet but the opening is already calling for it. This person is always on the alert, constantly expectant and open. The world is his/her oyster waiting for him to open it and find the pearl in it. This kind of person does not do well with structures and rules – a rebel with a cause.

Creativity Fifty

Most people assume that creativity is about art and music (including theatre and the movies), though it is not correct. Creativity is everywhere, everything is invented. On top of that the most creative people work in completely different areas that of creative art of music or such. If you look at the list of (link below) the 50 most creative people of 2010 you will see the many different areas people create big.

So what is Creativity? How do You define it?

For me – a constant urge to find new ways of doing thing, establishing something that was not there before, producing something (that existed before) in a unique way. And above all, living life my unique way, all different parts of me integrated and balanced, expressing the best of me.

Questioning Creativity
My question would be what is the opposite of creativity?
Who are the most creative people? And Why?

Can you enhance your creativity? If yes, how?


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50 most creative people 2010

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