Re: As I was looking for creative ideas I found this…

So, about the camera using business. I did start to use it but I actually did not use it to find new ideas for a book, picture, painting, etc… I just took pictures of buildings I loved. I love Budapest’s architecture and I have already taken many photos of Budapest, just to re-enjoy looking at some of the building. They are magnificent creatures. Real WOWs. the other thing I did was taking photos of newly discovered places.  I realized that there is a whole world I don’t know about in Budapest – probably more than one – but I want to see more of. So I took pictures of places I want to visit, bars, restaurants, a whole area in Budapest that is full of evening and night-life, programs, art and music. Up for new discoveries!

I have not checked out kids’ book yet. Next time maybe… should be cool…

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