Who are you when nobody’s looking?

This is the title of a book I read long time ago. It has been my topic ever since. Who am I when nobody’s looking?

I am a musician, especially a singer but sometimes I play the piano or the drums or occasionally I play the trumpet. I grab the hairdryer or the big round brush and sing my heart out for the audience of my cat. I close the windows and the door so to ensure nobody (human) can hear my orchestra playing. I either my up my own little songs of passion or sing together with the big names like Barbra Streisand, Elaine Page, Susan Boyle, Celine … etc.

Some other time I am a mum. I run around the flat after my imaginary children making sure they are all right, looking into their beautiful eyes, playing with them, helping them meeting their dream. Sometimes I scold them for misbehaving or ask them if they need help with school work.

I also play the part of the star, the world’s saviour, who is being interviewed about her opinions on world’s affairs and I am being rewarded for my great deeds toward saving the sanity of humanity in times of doom.

Life can be ever so creative. Someone once told me that your brain does not know the difference between imaginary or real … so I keep on playing my parts … they may just become reality one day. And if not, that does not bother me much either, my brain is a fool, can easily be tricked into believing… this is my ‘reality’. (inception)

Who are YOU when nobody’s looking?

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