On being inspired

After listening to all these inspiring people – Branson, Jobs, Gilbert, etc – I decided to dig deeper. A few years ago I read a couple of biographies. I had not been big on biographies, I often found them boring. Nevertheless when I attended a coaching course a few years back, part of my assignment was to read different biographies. The only requirement was that  whoever biography I read – he/she must be an inspiration to me.  I was not completely honest when I was choosing my ‘heroes’. I made my choice upon whatever was available at the library. I was a penniless student at that time, no extra for books. I still think I made fairly good choices: Michael J Fox – Lucky Man; Linda McCartney’s life story (don’t remember the title), J.K. Rowling’s story (no title either). They were amazing! Amazingly inspiring. So recently I thought maybe I should give it another go. So I’ve borrowed Richard Branson’s loosing my virginity and bought Randy Pauch’s Last lecture. This is my upcoming vacation’s reading list. Will report back later on them! :)

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