One of my greatest inspirations has passed this morning. She was a woman of great power and will and still humble and kind. I met her about 10 years ago as I was attending an Insight 2 seminar in London. Later I attended some more of her seminars. I found her amazing! There was this strongly built women with the look of a lioness holding her gaze upon her pray but I did not fear any because the depth of her look was not only gentle but caring.

I still remember the way she introduced me to a bunch of people a few years back – a VERY woman – she said about me, but I know now, that she was also talking about herself.

At a young age she became a single mum but never gave up on believing in Life and Love. She found a loving supportive man to complete her family of two. She became a world renowned trainer and psychologist who supported many towards healing and growth. Me, one of them. She designed seminar materials for development especially in areas of relationships and spiritual awareness. She did a great deal for many of us who knew her.

I miss her already. I hope her journey home was smooth and peaceful.

Hope to see you sometime, in some other galaxy, Barbara…

God Bless you!

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  1. James Willing on said:

    Hi, what a lovely message. i know just what you mean!! I met barbara several times, firstly ion an Insight 3. She was inspirational!! I shall miss her greatly.

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