An art-committed life – requirements 4

Questioning and Artist within and Strategies

What do I mean by creativity?
Creativity for me means tons of idea; problem solving kit; thinking differently; seeing thins that are not there, sort of envisioning; seeing shapes and colours in a unique way making up shapes and forms not there just yet; imagining new things into existence; making up new ways of doing things; reorganizing something in a new way…

How is it different form talent?
Talent is ability or a skill in extra amount present; creativity can be a talent, but it is not necessary to have a talent to be creative.

Do I believe that I can be more creative? In what ways? What must I do to become more creative?
I could be more creative. In ways I live my life. I live a creative-less life. I should dare live, make up many different ways of living my life and dare live those ideas … or at least try them out and see if they work.

Do I love my art enough? Do I feel passionate about my art?
I don’t think I love my art very much. I do feel passionate about it, though. I express my passion towards my art by making it, keeping it, showing it, learning about it…

How can I test if I love my art? (“If I can imagine doing something other than write poetry, might I be better off not pursuing the poet’s life?” Rilke)
On how much energy I put into it; how much I practise; how much I go around learning about it. I can imagine doing other things than painting and singing but all the other stuff is creative ‘work’ and in some ways related to each other.

If I feel less ardent than I think I should, how can I increase my love for my art? How can I really, truly fall in love with my medium? (or fall in love with it again?)
Honesty I don’t know what to choose. I don’t feel like doing only one thing and give up all the other I am interested in. I could increase my passion for my art by creating some ‘goal’ to achieve by it… like self-expression, expressing my feelings, putting some ideas into ‘form’. Also feeling that I am good at what I am doing would support me being more committed.

Do I know enough to work creatively? Am I lacking in any knowledge? Am I insufficiently aware of traditions, the technical aspects of my medium, the current trends and fashion?
I definitely lack a lot of knowledge in many areas, both art and music.

Do I work hard enough at my art? Do I spend enough hours at it
? No, not hard enough. I don’t spend much time at my art, and when I do, I don’t especially like what I create. Music is different. I work hard at it, could do more nevertheless.

Have I developed ways of mastering my disciplination to work? Do I have a repertoire of strategies? If not will I put such a repertoire together?
No, I don’t think so. I do my art when I have ‘time’ for it. Strategy could be going to art school; spending more time in Kemenes and practising what I have learnt; more art-buddies meeting to share; going singing more often, or going to school; finding other musicians to play and practise with; finding permanent exhibition place so to be inspired to create more art, where I can sell as well…

I hate answering these questions. Most of the answers say I don’t like my art. I am not passionate about it. I am not disciplined enough to succeed. Super! :)

What do I mean by talent? How do I define it?
A unique skill or ability innate at birth – must be discovered and developed further. It is like a gold-mine.

What does it mean to be talented in my field? What skills and abilities does someone in my field need? How many of them do I need to do good work? Are they all necessary?
Visual art – being able to draw and paint seems necessary; having an affinity for colours and some unique skill in all this seems like a good idea.
Singing – carrying a tune is quite necessary; reading notes is a good ideas; a unique way of singing is a must. Giftedness or lots of persuasiveness seems necessary as well.

How talented am I?
I have no bloody idea! Really! How should I know!?

What are my strength and weaknesses?
I am good with colours.
I can carry a tune; I love music and I can reproduce sounds I hear fairly accurately.
I don’t have much confidence. I need support to draw well, e.g. lot of practise.
I don’t know exactly what my strength and weaknesses are.

Do I consider the skills or abilities I lack to be the kinds that one either innately does or does not possess? Or do I believe that they can be acquired or enhanced through practice or learning?
Drawing is an innate ability that can be enhanced but better have it well-developed at birth. Having the ability of complete hearing helps as well. I could learn (or enhanced) all that I lack with practise and perseverance.

Does the matter of talent, in my case, seem to revolve around one or a few certain abilities that I possess in insufficient measure? Will I create a plan to test myself for those abilities? Will I work hard at manifesting them before deciding that I don’t posses them?
Yes, a few. I have tested some of them already. I need to practise properly, take lessons and ask for support in developing those skills I lack. Re confidence – I just need to create situations whereas I receive positive feedback. Plan is not necessary, I am working on them already.

Having assessed my talent as best I can, what do I see as the right fit between my talent and my career aspiration? Am I setting my sights too high or low?
I think my aspirations are at the right place. My sight maybe a little low…

Against which great masters do I compare myself? Against what set of ideals o I compare my talent? Will I consider myself insufficiently talented if I fall short matching the accomplishments of some great master or the requirements of some set of ideals?
I don’t compare myself but wish to have the talent of Picasso, Dali, Van Gogh … I am ok not having the talent of Van Gogh or Picasso.

Because I see that mediocrity sells in the marketplace, do I doubt that talent is really an issue in my field? Do I need to concern myself with matters other than talent in order to have a career?

I think talent is an issue, not as if many are bothered by it but I do. There are other issues besides talent to deal with so to have a career in art and music like self-marketing which seems like more important than anything else.

Because of the path I have chosen to take as a community artist (or a collaborative artist, a crafts person, a pop artist, etc) how much or how little should the matter of talent concern me?
Not much … I suppose, but not completely convinced though…

“Ways out –
Examine creative blockage
Work on a mighty theme
Affirm that you can create or perform
Carry your work differently
If you are a performer also create
Change formats
Turn things on their ears
Discover ways of working more deeply an effectively
Track your creativity”

“Three components of creativity: loving, knowing, doing.”

Source for quotes/questions – Creativity for Life by Eric Maisel. PhD


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