Book by Boza Ivanovic – JAILED – Support needed!!!

After a freak motorcycle accident left me with two cracked vertebra in my back and neck, two broken ribs and facing a four month confinement to my bed, I realized that I now had ample time on my hands to think about what direction my career as a photographer would take. I recalled a photograph I took a few years back while at a zoo. The subject of that photo was a tiger – but more than an image was shot. I was struck by what jumped out of the picture – a personality, a soul. It dawned on me that what the lens had somehow caught could be best portrayed in black and white. The essence of a creature’s spirit captured solely through motion and light. Once I was able to walk again, I headed directly to the zoo. My enthusiasm was never dampened, but I quickly realized that this was going to be tougher than I thought. It became quite clear that every animal had its very own distinct personality. The seemingly fierce lion may really be a gentle soul and that outwardly cute monkey may have real anger management issues. It took hours of observation to get know each creature as a person and then even more time to await the perfect opportunity for my new “friend’s” persona to come shining through. I hope these images similarly speak to you as they reveal each animal’s unique beauty, majesty, power, and spirit. Though all are in physical captivity, their irrepressible characteristics could never be shackled. Several of the portraits have been published in different Art and Photography magazines around the world. Australia, Germany, England, Italy, France, Serbia, Romania, United Arab Emirates, US…

“JAILED” – The book will be published with your help by Glitterati Incorporated, an independent producer and publisher of high-quality illustrated books. The anticipated specifics are that it will be approximately 9 x 11″ in size, 160 pages long, to be printed on the finest paper in black and white, in a hard cover format.

This book will not be possible without your help!
Thank you very much for your support!
Boza Ivanovic


In 2009, Canon awarded the “Canon Editor Choice Award” to one of my animal portraits

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