Inspired by self-discovery and perseverance – Creative-Coaching 2

Where a creative-coach comes in?

Well, you can start digging alone. It is only fair to say. Nevertheless, the process gets easier by having somebody on the side. Let me draw you an example. Airplanes as they fly from point A to point B they are constantly in touch with a guiding system called control tower. The job of the control tower is to give feedback to the pilots if they are on or off course towards point B. Without this feedback system, the airplane would never arrive to its destination.

You may consider how you want to go through finding your way back to your own depth where all possibilities, talent and unexpressed-creations lie. Do you prefer struggling your ways through or would you get support and enjoy the ride?

The coach walking with you, is your feedback system towards yourself and your creations whatever they may be – from a new piece of art-work to a new life – someone you can trust and rely on in moments of doubt, fear or helplessness. He/she is also someone whom you can celebrate your wins and successes with.

Your coach is the person who appreciates what you are going through, and supports you all the way during your process of becoming.

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