Inspired by self-discovery and perseverance 1

I am so amazed and grateful to see the many young talents of the world these days. Recently I have discovered Lily Allen. I found just fascinating the way she expresses her-self. I recently saw StreetDance3D, where I saw this amazingly talented young street dancer, named George Sampson. Soon I realized that I was a few years late discovering him, he was the Britain’s got talent show’s contestant in 2007 and the winner in 2008. His perseverance touched me deeply. They both became my inspirations.

Lily who strived to be herself and went around finding her Essence, her depth, her creative spirit, and when found it, she started to spread the news via her lyrics and music. What could be more inspiring!

The young man touched me deeply through his courage, determination and perseverance.

If you look at the list of ‘what makes a creative personality’ you will find both traits from the above on the list; finding who you are and what you’re made of; and persevering until you break though to the world and enduring failure.

It is simply not enough to be talented or creative, of feeling so. Partly because if you don’t persevere in displaying what you’ve got nobody will ever know how talented or creative you are. In persevering you discover so much of yourself as well as realize how much more you have that needs developing, attention and care. And on the other hand, without some soul-searching and having at least a glimpse of who you truly are beyond layers of deception and defence, you don’t stand much chance of becoming the artist or creative-mind you may intend to be.

Life is not fair. You can spend most of your life moaning about your un-luck or lack of support in becoming the best-of-you – nobody cares really. It is your job and responsibility to find the way out of the deadlock and strive to be and express.

Start with yourself. Start discovering the depth of all your desires, the very spot where you hurt (or been wounded) the most, that is where your core potential lies. It is not by accident that most artists suffer deeply while (and before) creating. They kept on going back to that wounded place and fetched their creations into existence.

Nevertheless it is not necessary to hurt all the time so to be successful. There is one more step, beyond the pain and wound, one can take so to rise above and still be in touch with his/her talent and creativity. That giant step takes one to her/his core – Essence if you like – the point of Unity with the Vast, the One.

Being in touch with that part of us allows us the freedom to create with confidence and being in touch with our full creativity. And when, and only when, we are in touch with this part of us as well as experiencing being part of the One, we are free of judgement, criticism or expectations, because here we create out of sheer pleasure.

To get there one needs to dig deep, and deeper, walk through the mud, the madness, cry the unshed tears of he/his past until Light starts appearing beyond the horizon.

And that’s when she knows she has arrived back to her-true-self, in touch with all that she is, beyond skin, flesh, bone, mind and psyche – Home.

So, start diggin’!

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