‘Fake it until you make it’

Correct. Believe in the person you want to become –a person though your inner Essence. You don’t need to fake anything or anybody so to become who you truly are. You simpoly start remembering who you are by walking through the mud. You either get enlightened overnight – which is quite rare – or you walk back ‘home’ to You.

First you start digging then walk across layers of self-deception and self-defence to the core of you, the Essence of you, and then if you choose, you can start walking upwards towards the Light (Source) of all of us.

‘Fake it until you make it’ is an amazing technique for adopting a new role, a new way of thinking. ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ – move the way, hold your posture the way you want to be seen; start thinking like an artist, a musician, a self-made enterprenour or whatever and eventually you become of it.

Obviously, it is also work to do. And it is because there are parts of you who do not believe in the existence of the ‘person’ who you want to become. So you’d better watch out.

Find role models and start acting the way they do so to master that skill. Day by day, you will notice as you are consciously making efforts in mastering that skill, just like with a martial art, this skill starts sinking in and becoming part of your ‘structure’. And one day, without you noticing it you act and feel the skill you wanted.

Talent is not enough. It takes conscious work, persistence and focus to become who you can be.

Who is your role model?

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