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“When you’re feeling lost and confused…” – August 27, 2009

Today, at a coffee shop in Nashville, I stumbled into a conversation with an incredible Artist who feels ‘lost’.  Although, he would never say he was lost, because that wouldn’t “look good” to an industry pro like me.   But I’ve been in his shoes, I have said his words, I have felt his hesitation in my own voice, and the truth is, he feels LOST.   For over an hour, he was trying to figure out what his next move could be that could bring in the next paycheck, so he could pay his September rent and keep his daughter in school.   He has 1 week to come up with the answer.  (nothin’ like a little pressure to get things moving!)  He kept asking tormenting questions like, “What do I say to make them think…?” or “How do I label myself?”  or  “How do I even get those people I don’t know to answer my calls?”

My first words for him was a smile.  He is not alone.  Many of us are finding ourselves in this ‘lost’ place these days.  More now than ever, it feels like the world is holding back it’s money, it’s availability, it’s belief, it’s creativity, it’s heroic risk-taking.  (You can substitute any name of choice for ‘the world’.)

But is the world really holding back from us?
Or are we holding back from the world?

After our talk, I went to YouTube and watched a video this Artist had made, by himself, with no budget.  It was incredibly moving.  It was creative, inventive, and just as he said, something that most people don’t get.   But when he says ‘most’ people, he’s talking about the Nashville Country label execs who have all turned him down.

I quickly realized that his predicament was not because the world didn’t get him, but because he wasn’t being clear on what he wanted.

He’s not even confidently clear on who he is!  Not only as an artist, but a creator, a teacher, an innovator, a pioneer for something new. He’s busy trying to fit it all into a box that he can label so people will understand him (pay him).  The only problem with this is, he can only fit himself into an idea or a box that already exists.  And that, for a TRUE creator, is just never going to happen, successfully.

What’s happening is this beautiful Artist is being isolated from all the things that are distracting him from living his highest potential, so that he can truly understand and know himself more.   When we ask, we do receive!  Is it possible his ‘just enough’ paycheck from the publishing company who can do nothing more than be a bank, has distracted him?  Maybe the opinions he’s heard about ‘how you make it’ in this town, have distracted him.  His own idea of how he could never tour like a ‘wealthy’ artist does to make money has most definitely distracted him.  And the fact that he doesn’t know how to reach his people yet, well that is most certainly a distraction.

The truth is, all possibilities for us are infinite here, but it’s our own perspectives that keep us from seeing it.

I have known this, and now, more than ever,  I’m living this. When you experience having ‘nothing’, anything is possible. It has to be.  Will this amazingly talented Artist have to lose everything, and resort to a ‘regular’ job and misery in order to get this lesson?  It’s possible.

But a profound clarity comes when you’re
looking through the eyes of
non attachment to anything…
Or what some of us call, ‘the bottom’.

When you’re willing to let go to what you ‘think you know’, life tends to ebb and flow very peacefully and abundantly.  If you resist or refuse to move, life will move you.  Either way, you will be moved.  It is only our attachment to the idea that it should be different that causes our suffering.

This was confirmed to me by a twitter message I saw from Marianne Williamson today, “It’s not up to you what you learn, but only whether you learn through joy or through pain.”  – Course in Miracles.

This is my advice to this Artist, to myself and to any of you out there that is feeling ‘lost’ in whatever you do.

1) You are not lost. You have only separated from your true self.

2) Reconnect to your true self by asking,”What would bring me the most joy right now?” and do that from the depths of your soul!   Money will follow.

3) Become very clear on the life you desire, and the life you’re willing to       have.  Do not settle with what you think is possible!

4) Share what you’re doing and what you want with everyone you know. And I mean EVERYONE. The world is connected.

5) Surrendering is a LOT easier than figuring it out.  Release the question of “how?”, and say Yes to what shows up in front of you.

6) Forgive the world for not getting you yet.  They’ve just been patiently waiting for you to be ready for what they have to offer you.

7) Every need you have will always be provided.  If something is taken away, you didn’t need it.

8) Doesn’t hurt to pray a bit more. :)

And specifically to my new Artist friend,  “Don’t Give Up.  You were born to teach us how to be what you are so naturally.  We need you in this world, present, whole, and willing to give us what we crave. And most important, God can provide all of your hearts’ desires in the timing you need. Heck, it only took him a week to create this beautiful life we’ve been gifted. Never stop sharing yours.”

Oh yeah, and always, always, always…

Expect A Miracle!

source – Trina Harmon, Atrists’ Coach – Blog

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