Importance of Creativity in your daily live by Allyson Rice

Your Life Is A Work of Art

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” – Pablo Picasso

people’s fear of having to be creative is one of the most pervasive fears and avoidances that I confront when working with clients and students. It’s intricately woven with low self esteem, fear of not being good enough, not measuring up, looking foolish. It is a fear of being vulnerable by putting your unique personal Voice out there in the world and running the risk of having people not appreciate you, or perhaps worse, not even understand you. And yet, when you don’t let that energy flow through you and into your life and your work in a constant and unblocked flow, when you don’t put your creative self out there, you become like a stream that’s choked off and stagnating.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a culture that encourages the development of the creative voice within us. Rational practicality is placed over all else. We have school systems that are under-funded; and the programs that are considered “expendable,” the first to be cut, are art and music. So we learn at an early age in life, that the expression of the voice of our soul through our art, is expendable, not necessary in our daily life. For most people, the idea of taking time each day to slow down and daydream and create something is a ridiculous notion. “Sure, it sounds fun, but it’s a little frivolous. Who has the time?…” There’s no connection with the fact that the time you spend on creating for creating’s sake, when there are no important stakes riding on it, is the very way you learn to incorporate the creative flow into everything you do in life.

Students and clients sometimes complain of not being able to come up with solutions to their problems, they feel that they are “stuck.” To me that’s an expression of a block in the creative flow, the inability to see an alternative path in front of them. The ability to create innovative solutions in your business, or creatively negotiate a difficult relationship, or envision the life that would be fulfilling to you are all outgrowths of how open the creative flow is in your life. If you don’t “practice” by being creative in the moments when there’s nothing at stake, how do you expect to have your habitual mental blocks disappear; and easily flowing creative ideas magically appear when you need them? They don’t. It’s a way of life that you cultivate by participating in the creative flow without self-judgment, on a regular basis.

Just through the simple act of coloring, it opened up a place that calms and nourishes her. She continues to color several years later, because it’s an immediate doorway to opening that flow in times of stress and feeling “stuck.”

You are a deeply creative being,
and when you open to that creative flow within you,
the gift that arrives is that your life becomes your greatest work of art.



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