The Importance of Creativity by Vickie Ferguson

The importance of creativity in our personal lives can’t be underestimated. Creativity is a part of who we are and how we express ourselves in everyday life. How creativity impacts our relationships, careers and business strategies means that it’s crucial too

While creativity comes easily and naturally to some, creativity needs encouragement and education to foster. It requires finding the best way for those people to express and implement their creative ideas. Fine-tuning the ability to take the imagination one-step further and produce a tangible item or viable process, solution or procedure is the result of creativity.

The importance of creativity is essential to individuals in order to express feelings, thoughts and ideas in a way that reflects who we are. The outlet or medium is whatever process works best to ensure the individual gets their message across, it is understood, and the form of expression may be subtle, loud or visual.

Expressing creativity is what comes from taking both old and new ideas, melding them together and creating something new and unique out of these ideas. Creative expression comes in many ways and the following list is a sampling of several areas where creativity is used.

  • Writers, poets, philosophers all use the written word to express thoughts by adding to and expanding on pre-conceived ideas
  • Artists use creativity to express their ideas and visions through painting, wood carving, sculptures, graffiti and photography
  • Musicians, singers and songwriters use words and sound to be creative
  • Actors and actresses are provided with endless opportunities to express their creativity through words and actions
  • Dancers use interpretation to express and convey creativity to an audience
  • Fashion designers create using fabrics and materials
  • Hair stylists use a persons persona to create individual styles

The list can go on indefinitely and is, in itself, an example of creativity.


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