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The art of creative thinking by John Adair

July 11th, 2011

The importance of creative thinking today needs no emphasis, in your profession or sphere of work you will have a competitive advantage if you develop your ability to come up with new ideas. In your personal life too, creative thinking can lead to you into new paths of creative activity. In can enrich your life – through not always in the way you expect.

Creative thinking cannot be reduced to a set of sequential steps. Nevertheless one can develop processes that can help you to

  • Develop your understanding of the creative process
  • Overcome barriers or blocks to having new ideas
  • Enlarge your parameters of vision
  • Learn to build on ideas as well as criticize them
  • Increase your tolerance of uncertainty and doubt
  • Listen, look and read with a creative attitude
  • Make time to think
  • Become more confident in yourself as a creative person.

Imagine that an unknown animal had been discovered deep in the judges of South America.  What does it look like? What are its winning characteristics? Take some paper now and draw it, making some notes about your sketch. So, get creative! … How does it look like?

We cannot make anything out of nothing. “… Every man starts with all there is. Everything is here – the essence and substance of all there is.” The potential materials – the elements, constituents or substances of which something can be made or composed – are all here in our universe.

Creation … is more in the mind. Perception, ideas and feelings are combined in a concept or a vision. Of course, the artist, writer or composer needs skill and technique to form on a canvas or paper what I is conceived in the mind.

The creative mind sees possibilities in them or connections that are invisible to less creative minds.

Your task as a creative thinker is to combine ideas or elements that already exist.

Summary -

  • With creativity we start with what already exists.
  • We recognize creativity where the creative person transforms the materials at hand into a new creation of enduring value.
  • He is most original who adapts form the most sources – the wider the apparent distance the greater the degree of creative thinking involved.
  • Creativity is the faculty of the mind and spirit that enable us to bring into existence, ostensibly out of nothing, something of use, order, beauty or significance.

I invent nothing; I rediscover. Rodin

Creating Creative Living with Passion

July 10th, 2011

(personal development via creativity and art) -  An interview

Her passion is people; people of all ages, race, gender or nationality.  Having travelled extensively and supported hundreds of people worldwide for the past 15 years makes her an expert in the field of personal development.

Using her artistic skills in the process she focuses mostly on creating a creative life lived with passion and commitment to oneself and one’s passion.

As a coach and mentor she is open to work with anybody – from professionals of different fields to individuals – who is willing to develop their creativity, try new things and open to make some changes so to live a life that offers satisfaction and fulfilment.

1. How did you start your own journey that lead you working with people supporting them to create a live that they can live with passion and commitment?

    Obviously it all started with my own life. I am at the moment re-creating my life to adjust it to my new passions.

    I was drawn to art and music and was pretty good at both, but I was supposed to get a proper education and have a proper job. On top of that I grew up during the ‘dark years’ of a social regime in Central Europe. Art and music was for those who had no talent for anything else.

    So, I forgot about it and went to study economy and foreign trade. I was really bad at it. So bad, that eventually I found a mid ground of becoming a teacher. I was good at languages, so I studied being an EFL teacher. I could not wait to get my degree and start doing something I actually like.

    By the way, a funny thing happened just before I went to University in 1990; I travelled to a far-away land, Mexico. I spend three months there visiting friends with my beloved grandma. What was interesting is that during this time I started drawing. These drawings were rally dark, black&white drawings.  The first impressions of what had been going on inside of me.

    Not until 1996 I continued drawing. That was the time I decided to leave my home country and try my luck elsewhere. And the drawings started to flow like a river and a few years on I started playing music too.

    The reason I shared the above is to make it easier to understand why creativity equals freedom for me. Especially freedom of choice; choice of who I want to be. Growing up during a suppressed area actually supported me greatly in cultivating a desire to get free and find myself. Often I find when we live surrounded with great comfort we forget about our dreams, we simply give in to the familiarities of life and vegetate until the end. My surrounding and constant discomfort kept me frustrated so much that the only way to ease my anger and frustration was finding out who I was and what I wanted out of my life for real.

    Along the way, I trained to be a coach and  trainer.

    Besides courage it took a great deal of creativity to set myself off on this journey and create a life I desired.

    In my beliefs – Creativity is entering into and being part of Creation itself. I cannot create without knowing the Creator within. So, my journey took me to discover my different layers until I arrived to the Creator that resides inside myself. My only task way to find out what the Creator wanted me to create, in what way It wanted me to express Us (me and Him) in the world.

    2. What are your main areas of interest as a coach and mentor?

      I do creativity coaching/mentoring.

      I believe that we are all creators, creators of our own lives but we don’t seems to use our creativity to build a life is enjoyable living. Obviously we all have challenges but when you create your life challenges almost always turn out to be great opportunities for being creative and looking out of the ‘box’ we live in. Most of us are not even aware what would make us happy – so I support my clients to search for meaning and passion on their lives to find and reach into depth and meaningful things to do.

      Most of us live life only scratching the surface of what is available to us. There is a great fountain of abundance of many different things like: joy, passion, creativity, laughter, even financial means – that we don’t even get close to because we live in a treadmill that does not even resemble a life any more.

      I do my best to support my clients to create a life they enjoy living. Obviously it is different for everybody.

      What I mean by Creativity is -

      • Creative thinking – problem solving and thinking in new paradigms
      • Creare-una-Vita – Creativity for Life – Unity and Creation – creating a Life based upon principles of Creation: I am a co-creator and I am also part of Creation – What do I want to contribute to Creation? What do I want to gain from Creating and Creation? Who am I? What are my special skills? What makes me happy? – all that leads to Self-actualization
      • Creative arts as a way of self awareness and development – Artist Way, Vein of Gold – finding our mean of transport in Creating.
      • Creating Joy and Ease in our lives – The question of Trust and Joy of Living

      All the above requires ‘Inner Communication’ in  a form of meditation. Creativity can be looked at as the result of inner communication; mediation functions like a bridge that reaches deep within the individual (psyche, emotions) then reaches up to the Source and finally the findings are expressed in the world through our creations.

      3. What age group do you work with?

        People from 10 years old onwards. The most rewarding is always working with children and young people. They usually respond very quickly to new situations and opportunities whereas adults tend to fight for their limitations until they get tired of it and find no other way out of the deadlock but looking for new ways and making changes.

        4. What do you offer to your clients?

          Individual coaching – life coaching with the approach of inducing creativity into once life and creating a creative life style that is more fun, more fulfilling, more satisfying

          Group sessions/workshops/lectures on creativity and creative living – from a few hours to a day of discussion and play; opportunity to experiment with different forms of art and music that supports greater awareness of self, own creativity, enhanced creative thinking, enhanced awareness of inner skills and opportunities for a greater life.

          Both are incorporate a type of ‘inner communication’(visualizations and meditations – whatever works best for the individual) – that I find greatly important. Learning to be with our own silence is key for inner work and touching into something greater than ourselves.

          It is a process not a quick fix. I only support my clients to step on the journey of their own and accompany them until they find their way from the point onwards they walk it themselves or with others.

          Most of my clients come back for a few more sessions to check and let me know how they are doing and clarify issues that maybe on the way for even better results.

          Teacher training: s is an area I would love to enter into. I am hoping that working with future teacher will bring in some extra support into the education of new generations. I wish teachers could bring personal development into the classroom via using creativity and different forms of music and art in a group setting.

          5. What are your contact details?



            Hungarian inventions 2

            July 10th, 2011

            Hungarian inventions

            July 10th, 2011

            The upside of anger (2005)

            July 10th, 2011

            She had been drunk for days. His man left her with four girls and a neighbour with a crash on her. She is devastated. She sees no way out but drowning her misery into vodka and gin. And she’s got company with a misery of his own; an ex-pro baseball player turned into a low-class DJ. And they hit it off just for the sake of having company to share their misery with. And there are the girls with issues on their own; growing up, getting married, finishing college and meeting the first love.

            The film encapsulates three years of their lives, of their journey of discovering that an event that originally seemed like an unbearable twist of fate is may just be the greatest blessing of their lives.

            You must have faith, that life hides its most precious treasures behind the poison ivy.

            The waitress (2007)

            July 10th, 2011

            And so she is pregnant. Couldn’t have been the worst time in her life, she has just about decided to live his disillusioned and abusive husband – now that she has managed to hid enough money away from him to finance her escape. And so it is. On top of it all, her favourite doctor retires and leaves a neurotic big-city fellow as a replacement. And there is this old chap who owns the diner of pies and the torn lives of four people: three waitresses of different love-interest miseries and a pregnancy issue and a cook of small fate, with not much of kindness or a smile but a huge heart.

            The film revolves around the lives of these people and their side-bones for 9 months, until Lulu is born.

            This film is an adventure from loss, misery and hopelessness to friendship, love, hope and more. And it all started with one single unfortunate event: an unwanted pregnancy.

            You never know which road leads to the places you originally wanted to arrive to.