The waitress (2007)

And so she is pregnant. Couldn’t have been the worst time in her life, she has just about decided to live his disillusioned and abusive husband – now that she has managed to hid enough money away from him to finance her escape. And so it is. On top of it all, her favourite doctor retires and leaves a neurotic big-city fellow as a replacement. And there is this old chap who owns the diner of pies and the torn lives of four people: three waitresses of different love-interest miseries and a pregnancy issue and a cook of small fate, with not much of kindness or a smile but a huge heart.

The film revolves around the lives of these people and their side-bones for 9 months, until Lulu is born.

This film is an adventure from loss, misery and hopelessness to friendship, love, hope and more. And it all started with one single unfortunate event: an unwanted pregnancy.

You never know which road leads to the places you originally wanted to arrive to.

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