The art of creative thinking by John Adair

The importance of creative thinking today needs no emphasis, in your profession or sphere of work you will have a competitive advantage if you develop your ability to come up with new ideas. In your personal life too, creative thinking can lead to you into new paths of creative activity. In can enrich your life – through not always in the way you expect.

Creative thinking cannot be reduced to a set of sequential steps. Nevertheless one can develop processes that can help you to

  • Develop your understanding of the creative process
  • Overcome barriers or blocks to having new ideas
  • Enlarge your parameters of vision
  • Learn to build on ideas as well as criticize them
  • Increase your tolerance of uncertainty and doubt
  • Listen, look and read with a creative attitude
  • Make time to think
  • Become more confident in yourself as a creative person.

Imagine that an unknown animal had been discovered deep in the judges of South America.  What does it look like? What are its winning characteristics? Take some paper now and draw it, making some notes about your sketch. So, get creative! … How does it look like?

We cannot make anything out of nothing. “… Every man starts with all there is. Everything is here – the essence and substance of all there is.” The potential materials – the elements, constituents or substances of which something can be made or composed – are all here in our universe.

Creation … is more in the mind. Perception, ideas and feelings are combined in a concept or a vision. Of course, the artist, writer or composer needs skill and technique to form on a canvas or paper what I is conceived in the mind.

The creative mind sees possibilities in them or connections that are invisible to less creative minds.

Your task as a creative thinker is to combine ideas or elements that already exist.

Summary -

  • With creativity we start with what already exists.
  • We recognize creativity where the creative person transforms the materials at hand into a new creation of enduring value.
  • He is most original who adapts form the most sources – the wider the apparent distance the greater the degree of creative thinking involved.
  • Creativity is the faculty of the mind and spirit that enable us to bring into existence, ostensibly out of nothing, something of use, order, beauty or significance.

I invent nothing; I rediscover. Rodin

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