Oliver Pittner, painter (1911-1971)

I am starting an introduction to my favourite Hungarian Artists (mostly painters) with Oliver Pittner, my most favourite. He is one of the Nagybanya painters of the last century. I am bevilered and amazed by the way he used colours and the way he kept them apart expressing different shades and light. Thank you Mr Pittner for your inspiration!

My most favourite

Biography in Hungarian and some of his most amazing pictures can be seen here.

Some information in English here.

He belonged to the third generation of the painters of Nagybánya (Baia Mare, Romania). His masters were János Krizsán and András Mikola, but Sándor Ziffer was also one of those who thought highly of his art. With his original perception and by his initiative of including the depictions of industrial landscape, a completely new theme, in his art he stood out in the local avantgarde community in the thirties. The oddity of his paintings stems not only from their elaborate and sensitive colour scheme, but also from the fact that despite the realistic landscape motives the sight radiates an irrational atmosphere, a sense of intriguing strangeness. Thus his compact and constructive paintings convey an atmosphere that is closer to surrealism.


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