Creativity and suffering

I am a bi-polar person. I was diagnosed about five years ago, to my great relief, and since then I have been dealing with the medicine, which I totally recommend, and that’s allowed me to build a very stable life and create a stability and safety around me, which allowed me then to deal with whatever issues I needed to deal with and build a happy life. A lot of creative people go on with this nonsense of ‘oh well, if we are not suffering we won’t be creative’, but I find the opposite to be true actually. Sinéad O’connor, singer

I am so happy for the above because for long I have also believed that my creativity stemmed from a deep seated sense of sadness. And so most of my drawing was back and white, non figurative – pictures that makes you think rather than inspires you to laugh. Since I have given up on trying to be cool and to be a so-called artist and become my own person who is full of laughter and giggles, my pictures become colourful and curvy. I am still very creative, probably even more creative than I have ever been before.



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