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Khalil Gibran on children

June 29th, 2012
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Pamela Wilson fine art

June 28th, 2012


Pamela Wilson has built a reputation for works of art that transcend the commonplace to enter the realm of the sublime and otherworldly. She develops haunting images that evoke moods, dreams, and memories inspired by real life, and which create a remarkably compelling narrative. The physical and emotional isolation of her characters has emerged as a hallmark of her work. She explores the great chasm of the unknown, the abyss that opens when you seek to understand the place of the human in modernity.  The people in her paintings are often called “lost, odd, mad,” or similar terms denoting something out of alignment with ordinary reality. She believes that letting ourselves explore the inherent “distortions” in reality is part of what gives us heart, and balance. Addressing “beauty” in a painting feels too passive, and what she is seeking is a psychological moment, a different kind of beauty. She has much to say of the dark and hilarious absurdities we must often endure… while we are creating ourselves.




Let’s doodle!

June 27th, 2012

Hey, it is playtime!

Let’s doodle!

A course on having fun. Interested? Come along!

a 1,5-day course during which

you will not

  • analyse yourself or others
  • talk about your parents or other relatives
  • talk about your past
  • talk about your pains and aches
  • talk about your future or your goals in life
  • think much

however you will

  • play, create, draw, paint, etc
  • be creative
  • communicate with yourself via different art forms
  • learn to look at things and life differently
  • meet the creative ‘child’ within
  • get dirty with creation
  • have great fun

Possible result of taking part is that you will reconnect with the energy source of  your creativity and enthusiasm for life

Techniques used : right-brain drawing methods and art-therapy methods

Trainer: Ildiko Kudlik, a child at heart, artist/coach (for more information see other pages of site)

Language: English/Hungarian

Place: wherever YOU organize it on the globe *

Minimum number of participants: 10

Price: 130 EUR or USD/person (between 10-15 participants); 110 EUR or USD/person (from 16  participants up)  for the 1,5-day course  (all material included) + room hire + travel + boarding expenses of trainer and self *(organizer participates for free of charge)

Possible arrangement of days: Friday half day and Saturday all day or Saturday all day and Sunday half day

More information on trainer and course

Contact info –

Jim Carter photographer

June 27th, 2012

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Paul Dmoch – Master of Light

June 26th, 2012




























I was born in Warsaw in 1958. Even as a child, I remember being obsessed with light. On sleepless nights in my room, I would watch the movement of car lights reflecting from the wall to the ceiling and back. Years later, I was astonished when I saw Rembrand’s use of light for the first time. I remarked, ”This is the LIGHT”.

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Sam Wigan Sculptor

June 25th, 2012



This idea here was to capture that moment the sun comes up after a summer party, still one more glass of champagne to share… before falling blissfully into bed and untroubled sleep

more sculptures by Sam


Harold Pinter: the Lover and Creativity

June 24th, 2012









Read the Lover here

Harold Pinter’s page

I am sure we all have a different take on what one text – in this case a play – mean depending on our previous experiences and beliefs of life. Others may have different thoughts on this play. Here comes mine.

I was very young when I read this play and I completely fell in love with it. All through the years I kept on loving it and never forgetting about it. We can say it had an impact on me. At that time, during my university years, I don’t think I knew what it was that caught me and stayed with me all this time.

After reading the first few lines of the play – you can read above – suddenly the feeling I felt while reading it the first time returned. I fell in love again, not only with the play, but the feeling the joy of creativity – that there is no limit to what we can ‘have’, feel or experience. I realized that this is how I would like to live my life, not only my love life but my entire life – full of joy and creativity under all circumstances!

Often, we think that our quality of life would be different if we had this or that instead of what we have right now. I decide what I do with what I have. I decide how to make the best of my life. I take full responsibility and make my life work; I create the life I want to live under all circumstances – I create a patchwork of life out of the materials I am provided with, instead of complaining about not having the right material.

Nobody is provided with all the ‘material’ we wish for ourselves in order to create the ‘perfect’ life we want still we can use our creativity to get the best out of what we have. And I think there are some really amazing people out there who just did that!

Creativity coaching

What do you get out of creativity coaching?
A Life that is worth Living.

More in detail, what I can offer is to support you to

  • notice the space around yourself
  • extend this space by moving your borders and boundaries beyond where they are now
  • make creative thinking appear in your everyday life and work to support you in living more successfully, with greater depth and more passion

“Of all human activities, creativity comes
closest to providing the fulfilment
we all hope to get in our lives.
Call it full-blast living.”
Mihaly Csikszentmihaly


Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

June 7th, 2012

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Let’s dance!

June 6th, 2012

A tribute to the joy of dance …

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