An art-committed life – requirements

Attention and practice

“Whether your goal is artful living, an art-filled life, or an art-committed life, the two keys to success are attention and practice – we tend to do an amazingly poor job of paying attention to our realities; we seem genetically programmed to repeat our days without improving our circumstances or deepening our awareness. Nor do we tend to commit to the lifelong. Patient apprenticeship required of anyone who want to translate her love of an art form into mastery and body of work. In other words, we pay too little attention, and we don’t practice enough.

IT is an act of courage to maintain awareness.”  Do you tell yourself the truth? What do you truly think about your chances to succeed? Yes, it seems telling the truth means that you take full responsibility and it may mean that you need to change everything about your life right now.

I think it is scary actually. The life I am living is very comfortable. Very boring as well.  Art-filled? Nope, more like fart-filled. Am I paying attention? Trying not to. Because when I do, I see that I don’t do much for my art. I do as much as it is necessary to say I am doing something but no big changes, no discipline, not a lot of practise, no apprenticeship. Bits and pieces here and there, as long as it fits my present life and my comfi.

“Pay attention. And practise. You will feel more positive, motivated, and on track if you commit to a daily practice that connects to your creative discipline.”

“I define as successful the self-aware, resourceful artist who understands her personality, her chosen life, and the world so well that she can maintain her spirit, her relationships, and her creativity even as she wrestles with the day-to-day challenges confronting her.” Sounds like great goal!

First step could be to recognize my artist self, the creative within me, just to recognize each time she shines, when she shown herself to me.  Practise comes next. Lets see what I can do about it.

Source for quotes – Creativity for Life by Eric Maisel. PhD

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