The Art of Creating Ideal relationships

The Larry Crowne Guide to Winning a Woman’s Love, Affection, and Admiration

… it is a man’s guide for winning a woman’s love, affection, and admiration.

how Larry scored points with Mercedes, even when she didn’t realize it. So I took notes.

In list form, here is The Larry Crowne Guide to Winning a Woman’s Love, Affection, and Admiration:

1. Pay attention to her.

2. Acknowledge what she finds of value.

3. Smell nice.

4. Be a man of integrity.

5. Be authentic.

6. Keep her secrets.

7. Admire her.

8. Be a gentleman. Don’t take advantage of her.

9. Have other interests. In other words, don’t need her to fill every void in your life.

10. Let humility be your friend. It is a unique moment in time when a man, without defensiveness, gently lets a woman know she just stepped on his ego. If she’s the right woman for you, it will arrest her attention, earn her respect, and she’ll ache for an opportunity to make it up to you.

By the way, if the passion in your relationship needs to be revived or the love deepened, this list is a good place to begin.

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