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The Creative License By DANNY GREGORY

Back cover copy:
Do you dare to be creative?
Somewhere deep inside, we all have a longing to make things – be they drawings, music, hand-knit sweaters, or loaves of bread. Then why do so few us consider ourselves creative?

For years, author Danny Gregory told himself he wasn’t, couldn’t be an artist. But when a crisis made him re-examine his priorities, he saw he’d been speeding through life and missing the view. So, in his late thirties, he picked up a ballpoint and taught himself to draw. The result was a whole new perspective on life – which he now shares in this beautifully illustrated program for reconnecting to our own creative energies. He gently instructs in the art of allowing ourselves to fail, giving up the expectation of perfection and opening our eyes to the beauty around us. The result is The Creative License, a wild celebration of amateurism, full of humor, passion and encouragement, sure to inspire every doodler, frustrated writer, wannabe musician, and midlife-crisising executive – in other words, the artist inside every one of us.

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The Creative License is an excellent book whether you are at the beginning of your creative venture, well into it or already comfortable in your ‘creative self’. So how does the book achieve that? …

Danny, in effect, approaches the ideas from two different directions:- first of all by suggesting techniques for developing your ability and secondly by offering support against the fear of inadequacy and failure. The techniques covered include contour drawing, the concept of ‘negative spaces’ and proportion. These are all very well explained but actual technique takes up a very small part of the book; what is more important is that it demystifies the ‘art’. source and more

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