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Kudlik Design

March 24th, 2013


Creativity and suffering

May 8th, 2012

I am a bi-polar person. I was diagnosed about five years ago, to my great relief, and since then I have been dealing with the medicine, which I totally recommend, and that’s allowed me to build a very stable life and create a stability and safety around me, which allowed me then to deal with whatever issues I needed to deal with and build a happy life. A lot of creative people go on with this nonsense of ‘oh well, if we are not suffering we won’t be creative’, but I find the opposite to be true actually. Sinéad O’connor, singer

I am so happy for the above because for long I have also believed that my creativity stemmed from a deep seated sense of sadness. And so most of my drawing was back and white, non figurative – pictures that makes you think rather than inspires you to laugh. Since I have given up on trying to be cool and to be a so-called artist and become my own person who is full of laughter and giggles, my pictures become colourful and curvy. I am still very creative, probably even more creative than I have ever been before.



Ildiko Kudlik – Portraits

May 7th, 2012


























Snail Farm

April 18th, 2012

collection here

Colou-rbook to download here



My Pastel Art-Work on Meska Webshop

April 15th, 2012



Printed Organic T-Shirts

April 12th, 2012

The T-Shirt ‘business’ started in a very strange way. A few years ago, in 2003,  I could not decide what to get for Christmas for my family members. I was tired of the usual present ideas. Looking at my Black-and-White drawings I decided to check if they can be printed on T-shirts. It was possible. At that time I only had 5-6 made, since then many more. On this link, you can find and choose the designs to be printed on organic T-shirts -

























Other Art-work on Sale




April 9th, 2012

Over the years, I have  illustrated children books, created invitation cards, postcards, leaflets and more. You can see some of them at the provided link further below. One of my favourite ‘beast’ is this ‘flamby-snail’ here. Please feel free to ask for quotes on different types of illustrations at





Snail farm can be viewed HERE


Commissioned work

April 6th, 2012

Recently I started creating ark work on commission. I wouldn’t have thought how much fun it maybe to create portraits on commission. I am forever grateful for the lady who commissioned me to create her portrait in my style as a present for her fiancé. Since then many other has been done with great pleasure on my behalf and satisfaction on theirs.










My ARTWORK can be seen on the links HERE and  below



Own artwork on sale

April 3rd, 2012

Some more of my OWN ART WORK can be found and purchased on this link HERE









On the link above you can see them one buy one. These pictures give you an idea how they may look on the wall.













Pictures of my Soul in Pastel

March 31st, 2012

MY PASTEL ART WORK can be seen and bought at MESKA – click on the pictures below

The webshop can also be found over this link